October 31, 2007

Franklin Castle, America’s Castle Part 14

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A Haunted Castle in Cleveland… because all great castles have their ghost.

(Happy Halloween)

Franklin Castle has seen a varied history and is said to be haunted to this very date. With a sorted past such as Franklin’s Castle but with the beauty it possess it is truly a landmark piece. One fine piece of architecture that I truly hope will be around for a long time.

‘’Franklin Castle is a historical house on Cleveland’s west side. The building has four stories and more than twenty rooms. It is purported to be the most haunted house in Ohio. [1]’’ ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_Castle ) 

There is mixed stories of its current status and this in the only website that I can find that offers tours. (anyone that would like to add information is welcome to do so)

Haunted Cleveland Tours


(these tours are sold out for 2007 but booking for 2008)


La Posada, Route 66

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La Posada


A historic hotel along route 66 with amazing architecture and features.


October 30, 2007

Colonial Williamsburg, Historical Sites

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Williamsburg, Virginia

With one of the most fascinating histories in the world and so much historical architecture this is truly a sight not to pass up. This was truly a nice experience.

One of the best preserved and best protected sites there are.

Visit the website for more information.


Wilson’s Castle, America’s Castles Part 13

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A castle hides in the greenery of Vermont.

Wilson Castle has a very unique architecture about it. The castle has blended many different European styles into one fine piece of architecture.

Circa 1800s

Visit their website


October 29, 2007

Amsterdam Castle, Americas’s Casltes Part 12

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Amsterdam Castle, New York

Built as an National Guard Base and now a private residence of 36,000 square feet this is one castle that has prepared many for battle.

Circa 1800s

Visit the website, can be booked for private functions.


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