October 18, 2007

Biltmore House, America’s Castles Part 2

Posted in America's Castles at 1:37 pm by Kendal

Biltmore House

 A french inspired Chateau hidden in Asheville,  North Carolina,

Biltmore House is America’s largest House, The house was constructed by the Vanderbilts’ and is also a working winery estate today. This is not one of the older castles but one of the most magnificent pieces of American Architecture, although it has a more French Chateau influence about it. The home houses some of the greatest art works and tapestries of all times. It is fully decorated with its original furnishings and looks as if it could be lived in today. This has never been ruins and never fell into disrepair so it is truly a treat for the eye.

The estate includes the house (Castle), Gardens, working winery, eateries, shops and a hotel on the site. It is truly something not to miss when you are searching for America’s Castles.

Circa 1800s

“Perhaps even more outstanding than the Château itself are the elaborate grounds and gardens designed by America’s most honored landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. Among Olmsted’s other credits are New York’s’ Central park and the U.S. Capitol grounds. Olmsted called the Biltmore Estate, “the first great private work of our profession in the country.”   http://www.willowwinds.com/biltmore-estate-guide.htm 

For a nice little visitor’s guide and to find out more information, this is a good website.




  1. Anajo said,

    Hi KD!
    Oh, I would love to visit this castle and see the art work and tapestries and taste some of the wine. Yummy!

    Very nice site that you have here. You present it in a professional manner.

  2. kendalnite said,


    I lived near this chateau so I was able to visit it often. There are some materpieces as far as the artwork goes. The Napolean chess board and etc.

    Shows that the Vanderbilts definately had connection to europe.

  3. mary ellen said,

    Hello KD!

    I’ll add this to my blogroll.

    I remember going to the Vanderbuilt Estate on the East Coast. My brother was in a seminary near there and my family decided to check it out. I was really young then, and it wasn’t the home or the paintings inside that impressed me, but a great big oak tree on the estate grounds that I was in love with! As long ago as that was, I can still picture it in my mind. I wonder if it’s still there?

  4. mary ellen said,

    Ooops…spelled Vanderbilt wrong. Sorry.

    Have a great day, KD! 🙂

  5. kendalnite said,

    The Vanderbilts was very much into forestery so I think many trees are being protected in that area and the National Forest surrounding the estate.

    Thanks for your comments..

    Please come again as I have compiled a list of American’s Castles over the years.

  6. Ana Banana said,

    Wow! Amazing castle! Nice blog! Thought I would visit since I’ve seen you over at Anajo’s and Mary Ellen’s…

  7. Kendal said,

    Ana Banana,

    Please return any time as this will be a culture blog and there will be more amazing castles, Pre-colonial Native American, and Pre-historic America…

    Thanks for your comments.

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