October 20, 2007

Boldt Castle, America’s Castles Part 6

Posted in America's Castles at 12:28 pm by Kendal


A rhineland castle on Heart Island,New-york, USA

Boldt Castle is a truly an amazing piece of American Architecture and the story of why it remained empty is also of interest. The Castle ranks number 14 as most visted house musems. One could only imagine the beauty of taking a boat and seeing this from a distance, but it can actually be done today. It took 300 craftsman and workers to create this masterpiece over 100 years ago.

Circa 1900

Here is a good link for more information and to plan your tour.




  1. mary ellen said,

    I love all these castles you are showing us, KD! I promised my granddaughter that I would show her these pictures later. She’s really into castles and princess things…little girls, they love their Knight in shining armor stuff, don’t they? She didn’t know that there are REAL castles in the world.

    Have to run, KD, talk to you later!

  2. Kendal said,

    Thank You Mary Ellen,

    I am very happy you are getting pleasure with this blog as I hope to carry on. Will load 2 sites a week. I am moving faster at this moment to get content on here.

    Tell your grand-daughter she can be the princess of any castle on this page.

    Take Care

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