October 26, 2007

Native American Heritage Musem, Pre-Colonial History

Posted in Musem/Art/Other, Pre-Colonial History at 8:30 am by Kendal


Native America Heritage Musem, Kansas

This musem is a good place to start learning about the Native American Culture and way of life.




  1. someone said,

    I wish these european (moderated) had never harmed the native american people!Their ideology and tradition were so great!

  2. Dora Gonzalez said,

    I am told that I am a decendent of the micmac tribe. Though I am not regestered I can feel the connection. Society just celebrated Columbus Day. What on God’s green earth did he do? He didn’t discover America. It was already populated with native americans. He didn’t even know where he was. He thought he was in India. I love the will of the native americans. This art is very beautiful.

  3. Kendal said,

    Oh, I totally agree with you as America was never awaiting discovery and was already inhabited!

  4. april leviner said,

    I totally agree with all of you. I’m a native american myself. I’m cherokee, lumbee, and navahoe. I know everything there is to know about my culture. At least I’m still learning.I was crowned Miss. richmond county Indian princess 2000-2001. I’m 25 now. There’s alot of things that we don’t get respect for. Even to this day. We was loved once. May be again, one day. Till then i will be the only native american. Where I live. There is know others here.So yes, I do know what it means to be truly alone.with know others like myself around.

  5. kendal said,


    thanks for stopping by and adding your comment

  6. Michele Bowers said,

    This art work is extremely beautiful.

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