October 29, 2007

Hovenweep, Pre-Colonial History

Posted in Pre-Colonial History at 7:36 am by Kendal


A Cliff top Home in Colorado

HoHovenweep shows a resemblance to a fortified structure. The inhabitants were related to the other pueblo tribes and many stone structures still stand on the cliff. These are not totally intact but you can get a since of the architecture.

‘’The towers of Hovenweep were built by ancestral Puebloans, a sedentary farming culture that occupied the Four Corners area from about A.D. 500 to A.D. 1300. Similarities in architecture, masonry and pottery styles indicate that the inhabitants of Hovenweep were closely associated with groups living at Mesa Verde and other nearby sites.” http://www.nps.gov/hove

To find more information, use the link below.



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