November 5, 2007

Magnolia Plantation, The Old South

Posted in The Old South at 12:54 am by Kendal


Magnolia Place, South Carolina

One of the oldest and best preserved sites in history. It has seen many sad times and happy times but this is one beautiful place now.

Circa 1600s



  1. June Thomas Cook said,

    Southern author request use of Magnolia Place photo for book cover design for Southern fiction novel. Will send copy of book cover design if desired. If permitted, author and publisher will need written artist release of photo and/or owner rights of photo. This would be greatly appreciated.

    Cover design is beautifully designed by my husband who is a Graphic Artist for 37 years.

    Would appreciated response as soon as possible.


    June Thomas Cook
    Author of “Coleman Hill” available at Barnes & Noble and and soon to be released “Porter Plantation” for which this request is being made.

  2. nadirah ballard said,

    Would you be able to brief me on the history of this house? I understand that it used to be a slave plantation that was possibly owned by “Ballard”. That’s all I know. I have been able to find some plantations that were owned by “Ballard” that go by different names, for an example, “Magnolia”.
    If you know ANYTHING, please inform me. I can also be reached at 609-963-5946..Thank You so much!

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