November 9, 2007

Magnolia Mound Plantation, The Old South

Posted in The Old South at 9:33 am by Kendal


Baton Rouge, the Magnolia Mound Plantation is a rare example of the architecture of the early settlers from France.

Circa 1800s



  1. Mary Ellen said,

    It so sad that much of the beautiful buildings in Louisiana were destroyed during the Katrina hurricane. There is something about Louisiana that is so different than any other region in the US.

  2. Kendal said,

    Thanks for stopping by Mary Ellen

  3. Mary Ellen said,

    Hi KD! Stopping by again to see what’s shakin’ with you.

    How’s life treating you?

  4. Kendal said,

    Life is good but being overworked at this point. Thanks for stopping in. I need to find a minute and post something new. (my site traffic is hitting about 20 browsers a day now)

    I am pleased this little site makes people happy.

  5. Sweet post.
    I hope you’ll surf on my blog..

  6. Kendal said,

    Thank You for visiting. I will go and look around your blog.


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