December 17, 2007

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Historical Site

Posted in Historical Sites at 10:06 am by Kendal


New York, New York

Sitting on a 12 acre island the statue of liberty was not only a gift but has a very marvelous history from the base construction to the mounting. This Statue is one of the most famous statues in the world and one of the most recognized.



  1. Mary Ellen said,

    Hi KD! I know you’re busy but I wanted to stop by and say hello and have a great Christmas to you and your partner. Take care…keep those sugar plums dancing in your head, it’s better than thinking about politics! ;-

  2. Kendal said,

    Thanks for stopping in. I am actually amazed about my blog stats lately. Around 50 visitors a day. :(, but nobody leaves comments but I think it is good. (I do not have to worry with late replys)

    I have a long list of great sites to post and it will take me to the end of next year to get through them all.

    You keep up the good work Mary Ellen, I always keep an eye on your blog even if I do not comment, it is just because you say it all sometimes…

  3. mary ellen said,

    Merry Christmas, KD! Ho! Ho! Ho! and all that jazz!

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