February 18, 2008


Posted in Historical Sites at 10:47 pm by Kendal


Charlottesville, VA

Monticello is one of the most unique homes in America and is open for public display. It was also home to Thomas Jefferson and attached to a unique past.


Circa 1700s




  1. mary ellen said,

    Hi KD- I can’t find your e-mail either! Ok…hopefully I can get this comment through. Google is blocking me on all comments and not allowing me to put up a new post on my blog. Until my husband gets home to check this out, I’m lost. I heard this same thing happened to a Clinton supporting blog just yesterday…I have the feeling that someone is doing what they can to keep the anti Obama supporters from posting.

    If I can’t get a post up about your blog today, I’ll be sure to get it up tomorrow or during the week, depending on when this problem can get fixed.

  2. FranIAm said,

    Monticello is one of my favorite places! This is lovely. Glad that Mary Ellen had the post up, you have a great blog!

  3. Kendal said,

    Fran Am,

    Thank you.

  4. dguzman said,

    I’ve always wanted to visit Monticello.

    first timer here, from ME’s blog.

  5. Kendal said,


    Monticello, I have studied it much but never have seen it, I wish FranIam would tell us a little more about it.

  6. Flocon said,

    That’s a nice and elegant, little blog you’ve set up Kendal. Congrats about it.
    And with an unexpected topic but worth exploring…

  7. Kendal said,


    Thank you for the nice comment.

  8. FranIAm said,

    Well I went to Monticello in 1988, so it was a long time ago.

    I will tell you this- the architecture was spectacular- such balance and beauty and grace in every detail.

    Also picture that it is in this glorious part of Virginia and I was there in late Spring. The views were so lovely and the gardens spectacular. Sadly I was not much of a photog in those days so no pictures to scan; only the ones in my memory.

    I guess what has stayed with me the most is that it was a place about integrity or wholeness. It was about the confluence of building, life, athestics, practicality and more.

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