March 28, 2008

Mount Rushmore, SD

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Mount Rushmore, SD

Mount Rushmore is much more than presidential faces on rocks, there is a national park there with plenty in store for your vacation.


March 17, 2008

The Old Mill

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The Old Mill, Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Constructed in the 1800s as a water powered mill it quickly became the place for activity in the area. Today the old mill is still grinding and still functioning. Sit down and enjoy some of the Tennessee cuisine in their restaurant. The areas heritage is on display everyday at the old mill square.

March 13, 2008

Nashville, TN

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Nashville, TN

There is one place to make it in country music and it is Nashville, TN. There is no city in the world that produces more stars than Nashville so the place definitely deserves its place on the blog. Nashville is a capital that is still on a human scale that can be negotiated by foot, bus , or public transport. It is also the first city in the USA to have a metropolitan established. There are many things to do in Nashville from architecture, music halls, theatre and cinema.

Check out the Musical Capital Here.,_Tennessee