March 13, 2008

Nashville, TN

Posted in Historical City at 7:18 am by Kendal


Nashville, TN

There is one place to make it in country music and it is Nashville, TN. There is no city in the world that produces more stars than Nashville so the place definitely deserves its place on the blog. Nashville is a capital that is still on a human scale that can be negotiated by foot, bus , or public transport. It is also the first city in the USA to have a metropolitan established. There are many things to do in Nashville from architecture, music halls, theatre and cinema.

Check out the Musical Capital Here.,_Tennessee



  1. Anajo said,

    Nashville Cats, play clean as country water
    Nashville Cats, play wild as mountain dew
    Nashville Cats, been playin’ since they’s babies
    Nashville Cats, get work before they’re two


    Kendal, your blog is such a peaceful oasis of history and fun facts.. You have such a beautiful soul..

  2. Kendal said,

    Thank You, Anajo, I love displaying these things.

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