March 17, 2008

The Old Mill

Posted in Historical Sites, Musem/Art/Other at 1:34 am by Kendal


The Old Mill, Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Constructed in the 1800s as a water powered mill it quickly became the place for activity in the area. Today the old mill is still grinding and still functioning. Sit down and enjoy some of the Tennessee cuisine in their restaurant. The areas heritage is on display everyday at the old mill square.



  1. mary ellen said,

    Hey KD…what happened to your new blog, Hate Watch? I just went over there today, you deleted it? Why?

  2. Kendal said,

    Mary Ellen, the blog really made me sad, I was collecting post for it and my heart was so touched because I found the world was so full of hate! I needed to add no more too it.

    I had a few new people to add then a clicked on a couple of stories that really tore at my heart.

    Then other stories! really unsettled me, the ones that i even thought should be on the list, was hated by certain other groups to the point of receiving death threats and etc. (neither side played fairly)

    I then discovered all the world was a mean place!


    as morally I did not want it on my concious….

    America’s Castles make me happy…. You can visit me here….

  3. mary ellen said,

    I can understand your feelings, KD. Although I don’t think your blog was adding more hate to the world, just making others aware that it exists. Sometimes, in order to fix things, you have to expose it to the world, to make people aware that this hatred exists. It’s like the Iraq war. Many Americans put it out of their heads, they don’t think about it and go on their own way. It’s not until the tragedy of war touches their lives in an intimate way that they understand why we need to stop the war.

    I don’t think many people realize the horrible things that are happening to the gay community. Many Americans think that our society has moved beyond that and believe that and gays no longer suffer discrimination. They don’t realize that the those in the LGBT community continue to become victims of hate crimes, which can often result in death.

    I respect your reasons for dropping the blog, but want you to know that there is nothing you could do to bring hate into the world, you are too kind and gentle a soul to do that.

    In the meantime, keep bringing us those castles, and I’ll do what I can to fight for your cause. Ok?

    BTW, I have at least three other regular bloggers who belong to the gay community, and they are working hard for this cause, too. You’re not alone, kiddo.

    God Bless–

    Mary Ellen

  4. Kendal said,

    Thank You, Mary Ellen,,,,

    I still blog on my kendal nite blog about things that really chap me…

    Today, for some reason, I am left numb. I guess that I really experienced how many groups really would isolate and hate me.

    Then there are gentle people like you in the world.

  5. Anajo said,


    There are people who hate and they hate just for the sake of hating.

    Like you, though, I prefer to ignore them. I think that promoting love and understanding has more power than focusing on the hate mongers.

  6. Anajo said,

    I wonder if the old gray mare ever hung out at the old mill? 😉

  7. Kendal said,

    Oh anajo, thanks for dropping by…. I love this little blog and people love to visit but seems never to leave a comment (about 500 visitors a month)…

    That is o.k., as long as I can please people with information.

    Yes, the old gray mare did…. Funny, you did mention that as I sold my donkey today. I had to put her several times before she went. LOL, My bf will never understand how I love an ass as much as being one.

    Oh, I hope the weather in New Mexico is nice this time of year and I do hope to visit the next time I save my pennies to see the place.

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