April 25, 2008

Jonesborough, Tn

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Jonesborough, Tn

In a unique little place hidden in the Old State of Franklin (now currently Tennessee) is a small American Town that hosts an array of architecture and activties for you.  Jonesborough, Tn is worth a visit and some enjoyment.



April 18, 2008

The International Story Telling Center

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Jonesborough, TN


Located in the old capital of State of Franklin lies a unique little American Town that brings you to the feeling of horses tied beside the old turn of the century buildings.  A town no larger that you can look at one end and see the other end but with a Victorian elegance of colours and unique gems of architecture.  That is not all the little town host because it also hosts the International Story Telling Center, where stories do come to life.  They celebrate the history, culture and fun of story telling once a year with a large festival that should not be missed.



April 14, 2008

Whaley House

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San Diego, California

Whaley House

When we think of San Diego California we usually do not think about the the history; due to thinking of the sun but with a city such as San Diego we should not miss the profound history stored inside the city.  The Whaley House by SOHO is one good example of American Architecture but also has a ghostly past haunting it within.  With a history from residence, court room, general store and even a polling place, one could only imagine why it would also have a ghostly past!

There are some human beings who are dimly aware of their own deaths, yet have chosen to stay on in what used to be their homes, to be close to surroundings they once held dear. –Hans Holzer