June 28, 2008

When a five can become a ten!

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Uniform Money, USA

I was just reading through the news and articles that change American history in some form always catch my attention.  This article is worth a mention on America’s Castles as it will eventually change a long time tradition of what we perceive of America Currency.  I am not speaking of the little bit of color they added to it or it quick decline on the world market.  What I am speaking of is a story that goes back to my child hood. The shape of money.

I recall when I was a child seeing a blind man (i was 9 years old), attempting to count money at a convenience story.  He handed a clerk a 10 thinking it was a five and informed the clerk it was a five.  The clerk began to count the money back as a five and then looked down and advised the guy it was a ten and gave him another five in change.  Thankfully an honest clerk intervened but this left a very marked impression on me at such the age of 9.  It showed me at a young age people with sight problems could have difficulty with money.

I went through most of my life wondering why money had to be the same shape.  As I began traveling I realized currency in different parts of the world was different; bright colors, different shapes, different texture, raised letters. This brought me back to the question of those who had difficulty with money, why could we not have this.

After a recent court ruling, American money might not only have color but also have different shape.  (different sizes for each amount)

Read the full story here

So when you see new money in a couple of years, just remember you are part of America history in the making.


Greyhound, USA

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Greyhound, USA

With over 2300 stops and serving most parts of America (except for the very rural spaces), it has been an American Icon for almost 100 years.  When I often traveled about the USA, I usually did it from a Greyhound.  I found the service timely, cheap, air-conditioned and the buses has large windows so you can take in the landscape as you travel. As with all things, I have heard horror stories with greyhound and had my few odd experiences but nothing daunting that would stop me from using the grey hound again.  

This is one of the best ways to get around America when you are not on the Amtrak line.  So hats off to greyhound for full filling the void of public transport where there would not be any without them.  

They deserved a place on this blog due to there long history in service and transporting people about to different parts of America. For those that are not familiar with a good way to get to another destination cheaply; I provide a link to the website





June 18, 2008

June 17th 2008, Creating America History

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California, United States of America

June 17th will always be remembered as the date the second state in the Union to legalize gay marriage.  From East to West Coast there is 2  states that sit far apart but still believe equality should be equal for everyone, as of now.  This all could change on the November Ballot as it could possibly nullify the marriage; but as of now there is a window of opportunity that some people are grasping to.  The window to have legalized recognition of their commitment.

No matter what happens in November, June 17th and 2008 will be remembered and go down in history as the date california recognized gay couples.


To follow a more complete story, click here.

To view more photos click here.


June 17, 2008

Dinosaurs run through Utah

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The Quarry Visitor Center at Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Millions of years ago, where Utah is now, dinosaurs ran through what now is Utah.  The only thing that remains of these creatures now are fossils so it is safe to come into close contact, as you can with the skeletons.  Wow, when I first discovered this was in Utah, I was truly amazed to find people now live in the state where all those dinosaurs once was.

I think the website is worth a visit and there are many of dinosaur culture centers in the USA. This is history in its most primitive form dating back millions of years. We will be posting many more of these as America’s Castle continues, history documented millions of years be the enclosure of rocks and mud pits. There is many complete skeleton’s on display in the USA. (we will search them out and make a new topic area, The Land Before Time. (Pre-historic America)

Circa, Millions of years past.


June 5, 2008

America’s Castles &Treasures endorses Barrack Obama

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Barrack Obama,

Due to recent events and Hillary’s Campaign being suspended by herself, America’s Castles now offer its endorsement to Senator Barrack Obama.  With the current situation of the Republicans spending a gross amount abroad on what they consider is “protection”, they failed to protect the things on America Soil.  The money spent abroad by this current white house team could have been placed to furnish all america healthcare.  It could have been spent restoring and protecting our parks.  It could have been spent on alternative energy; where we would not have needed foreign oil. It could have been spent on better visa processing so criminals would not have entered America soil in the first place. The current adminstration has spent it on many other things such as war, rebuilding the post destruction after war, and “border security”.  

As of now, we need new direction and a new search on what to come.  We need the technology that is created in America today, to be put in use in America. The 150 mpg car is available technology and the goverment should be offering America Car Manufactures grant money to implement this.  America has the technology, we have the resources to create electric cars. We need a government to support these amazing people.  We need a government with the mind set of using the knowledge we have available today.  The USA could be the leading country in the world with the technology that it has available today but this takes support of governments supporting such a cause.

Protection of our history is also a very important topic as the USA has one of the most diverse histories in the world: from native, colonist, immigrants and cultural exchange.  We have some of the most unique and diverse landscapes due to such a large land mast. We have some of the most creative and unique architecture in the world.  We need to protect each other and we need to protect our history.  The park ranger and nation historic protection can not adequately do their jobs by losing personnel on a daily basis.

We need a new direction and we need it quick!  We need to pull together and protect one and another, at times we need to speak out and say stop the madness.  Stop the spending abroad and bring some of the money back to its people.  

The mortgage crisis should never have happened because there should have been laws in places to protect families from rogue loaners.  No family should have to do without food to purchase medication.  No family should have to do without food to buy fuel for their automobile. No family in the land of opportunity should do without period.

The Republicans has played on our psych to long thinking they are strong and protecting America, when we have little protection against domestic problems and some people can not afford the basic essentials in life.

Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! and vote for change!

So I ask you to stand with me and vote for change, not only will we vote to protect ourselves we will never let these current issues go unquestioned again.