June 17, 2008

Dinosaurs run through Utah

Posted in Prehistoric America tagged , , , , at 4:02 pm by Kendal

The Quarry Visitor Center at Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Millions of years ago, where Utah is now, dinosaurs ran through what now is Utah.  The only thing that remains of these creatures now are fossils so it is safe to come into close contact, as you can with the skeletons.  Wow, when I first discovered this was in Utah, I was truly amazed to find people now live in the state where all those dinosaurs once was.

I think the website is worth a visit and there are many of dinosaur culture centers in the USA. This is history in its most primitive form dating back millions of years. We will be posting many more of these as America’s Castle continues, history documented millions of years be the enclosure of rocks and mud pits. There is many complete skeleton’s on display in the USA. (we will search them out and make a new topic area, The Land Before Time. (Pre-historic America)

Circa, Millions of years past.



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