June 18, 2008

June 17th 2008, Creating America History

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California, United States of America

June 17th will always be remembered as the date the second state in the Union to legalize gay marriage.  From East to West Coast there is 2  states that sit far apart but still believe equality should be equal for everyone, as of now.  This all could change on the November Ballot as it could possibly nullify the marriage; but as of now there is a window of opportunity that some people are grasping to.  The window to have legalized recognition of their commitment.

No matter what happens in November, June 17th and 2008 will be remembered and go down in history as the date california recognized gay couples.


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  1. Anajo said,

    No matter what happens in November, June 17th and 2008 will be remembered and go down in history as the date california recognized gay couples.

    I can only hope that America will be making history this year for women, gays, blacks, hispanics… for all of us. I’m not crossing my fingers, but I still hope that this transformation will occur..

  2. Anajo said,

    And of course I hope that the transformation will occur for Native Americans. But I’m a realist and, well, nevermind..

  3. Kendal said,

    Oh, I have a special star this year (Kendal’s Star) it is holding my wishes this year and I am putting all good hopes onto that star.

  4. There’s another historical date you should take note of — on November 4th, 2008 California’s Proposition 8 will be passed and the following words will subsequently added to the state’s Constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

    And on November 5th, we’ll know that Barack Obama lost the Presidential Election. I’m not saying I endorse McCain (I’m an non-partisan Catholic), just that I’m praying that anybody other than the Barack Obama and Joe Biden win.

  5. Kendal said,

    Home Built Upon The Rock,

    For the sake of the world lets hope your predictions might never come true. Or come next year we might be saying, Iran and Russia actually entered our soil and gave us a spanking that set us to a third world country.

    I guess that I am praying as hard as you, anybody but Mc Cain will win. I pray for you also, I pray that you always have the freedom to practice the Catholic Religion (have you looked at Palin’s Church beliefs)

  6. As concerned as I am about the so-called “war on terror”, there is already a war taking place on our own soil that has killed an estimated 43,000,000 to 50,000,000 unborn babies. Those numbers are astronomical when compared to the world wars, the Iraq war, Gulf War, Vietnam, etc. My primary objection to Barack Obama falls on his limitless support of abortion. This is a war with ~4,000 daily casualties and most politicians (mostly Democrats, but including Republicans in this statement), choose to do nothing to stop or even reduce the numbers.

    On top of the intrinsically evil nature of abortion, there’s also a practical point to be made — how can a pro-abortion president speak to foreign leaders with sincerity by saying he is looking out for their best interests when simultaneously back at home he supports the senseless killing of his own citizens? What is an adversary (foreign or domestic) to think about the ability to work out problems and conflicts when our president allows the murder of children that pose absolutely no threat to him? There is a very real irony here that seems to be overlooked by the people that choose to look only at the “other issues” and not at the larger picture which will always include the abortion issue.

    To show that I’m fair in this belief, I also have a problem with McCain’s support of ESCR. However, I have seen him starting to turn the corner away from ESCR to adult-only research. He’s not there yet, but he says he’s willing to consider it. That’s a far more respectable statement showing some logical thought to the evidence before him in stark contrast to Barack’s carefully worded rhetoric of “choice” that ensures he doesn’t say a single word that would offend his pro-abortion supporters (primarily Planned Parenthood) and completely ignores every logical argument as to why abortion should be limited or banned.

    As for your prayer that I have the freedom to practice my Catholic faith, I appreciate the prayer. Practicing my Catholic faith isn’t a Sunday-only activity but rather defines who I am. There isn’t any law or threat that would ever be capable of stripping me of my faith.

    I’m really curious as to what imply about McCain/Palin suppressing that freedom. What do you see them proposing as legislation that would keep me from freely practicing my faith? How do Sarah’s beliefs impact mine? Aren’t we already a nation of many faiths?

    In all honesty, the only people that seem to be dedicated to the suppression of religious beliefs are those people working for the ACLU, and they support and align themselves with the Democrats far more than with the any other political party.

  7. Kendal said,

    What do you see them proposing as legislation that would keep me from freely practicing my faith? How do Sarah’s beliefs impact mine? Aren’t we already a nation of many faiths?

    As America was built up on the most freedom of the world at the time it was created. Any change that starts eroding away the freedom of individuals, freedom to choose religion and daily activities of daily life is an important issue that can only forsee other changes will follow. Yes, we are a nation of many faiths and if one truly believed that, then one would accept in native american history there was already gay marriage as they believed they were a gift from their gods, in some of their history.

    I am saying the eroding of civil liberties (including church) starts with strong beliefs in their personal outlets. (the religions of the protestants that many europeans brought with them) They protested the catholic church and english church and wanted freedom to practice as they felt they were directly with jesus and god. (they did not need a mediator)

    Some USA churches support beliefs that you do not. I would hate to see government interfere with that and personal religion does play a big part in politics unless it is divided between church and state.

    I believe everyone supports the beliefs that they feel close to them.


    Let me say this, I feel our beliefs are close on some issues but far from others.

    I support keeping a child more than abortion. (I have very strong feelings about this) I also support church aid work as I have seen it has been very good with medical care. I have also worked with nuns in helping with the sick and injured but at the end of the day, I was a gay male. Not because I chose to be that way.

    There is one thing however, I gained much respect for you when I seen that you did not delete my comment from your blog as I felt that you did feel the same as I did. (freedom of speech and supporting your ideas)

    Kudos to you,
    I will continue to support keeping a child, I will continue support of practice of any religion, I will continue support of the fraction of church and state, and I will continue to support that every american was created equal.

    (at the end of the day, I will continue to support your beliefs even if I do not feel they agree with mine)

    I did go to your blog! I respect you as the family person that you are and wish you the best in life.

  8. Cindy Cheng said,

    Hi, Kendal,
    I’m Cindy from Taiwan. And I am a aditor of Nan I textbook company.
    I found this photo on your blog, and I’d like to ask you whether I can put this photo in our textbook or not. Also we are very willing to pay for this photo if you are requested. Your reply will be appreciated.

  9. Fred said,

    Not to hijack the thread but in answer to Cindy’s question, you can find many images like this on http://www.imagetrail.net. Type “gay sign” into the search box and you’ll find lots of great images for the textbook.

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