July 4, 2008

Fourth Of July, USA

Posted in Holidays at 12:41 am by Kendal

4th of July 2008

The fourth of July is uniquely different than most holidays as it is also a birthday party.  It is the birth of a nation when different europeans came together and invented in what we now know of the United States of America.

Traveling about the world I have been asked.  What is so great about the USA?  Well, My answer is always the same.  “The thing that seemed to work and make it a decent place was a common language with a large land mass.  The land mass, states, and providences basically encompasses any climate range one could wish.  With the common tongue (although there is spanish and native languages that survive) it makes it easy to move about and communicate in your new culture  and it seems you can always find one area that you seem to fit. As most people knows it is very culturally different from one area to the next.  All these things make it good and great”

Read more about the 4th of July in Wikipedia.

and one more thing,  Happy Birthday United States of America..


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