July 15, 2008

Country Music Festival, France

Posted in USA History Abroad at 10:41 pm by Kendal

Country Music Festival; Mirande, France

(pic above of John Schneider taken at the festival this year)

Every year in France is one of the largest country music festivals in the world (if not the largest country music festival in the world).  This festival is great fun for all; as it has a mixture of French Country Bands, Celtic Bands and USA country music singers.

In the past and present this music festival has been host to many USA television stars and people from the USA.  People flocks here from all parts of the world for this festival that happens during the 14th of July every year.

With a host of events; this is fun for all as (!) the crowd is large and the energy is high.  You can always find a great little restaurant to dine from the crowd.  There are too many things to mention; America Car Show, Music, Eating, Shopping, Mechanical Bull Riding, Harley Davidson Show, Beer Tents, and many more things to do.

The hit of the Show this year was John Schneider (Bo Duke / Jonathan Kent).  

Each year I look forward to certain festivals in France and this one truly is a crowd pleaser for me and everyone that attends. There is so much socializing, dancing, and so much western clothing these days, I am always reminded of home.




  1. Anajo said,

    Damn, you’re a fun-loving cutie pie Kendal. You always add a little bit of sunshine and perfume to my day. Thank you.

  2. Kendal said,

    Thanks anajo, anything for you..

  3. Anajo said,

    Kiss kiss Kendal, even if you do like country music. 😉

    I like some country music too. I look forward to any festival in France.

  4. Kendal said,


    I am very realistic about music and listen to many different types from R/B, Soul, Blues, Classical, Country and anything else that fits my mood.

    Bisous to the beautiful Anajo and as soon as I am resettled from all the friends visits, I am going to drop by your blog and hope you have a new post.

  5. Good Blog!
    I like Harley Davidson too.
    It is classic motorcycle.

  6. Some of the most interesting, groundbreaking, or just plain weird motorcycles that have been built over the past 100 years.

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