August 30, 2008

Number One Observatory Circle, Vice President’s House

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Washington, DC

Since it is Election Time, I have decided to focus on only historic places that has to do with Presidents or Vice Presidents.

Number One Observatory is home to the Vice President during the time they serve in office.  The house is a Victorian Georgian Architecture that was constructed in the late 1800s.  The house was originally constructed for the superintendent of the observatory.  During the early 1900s the Chief of the Naval operations booted the superintendent from the house because he found it lovely and wanted to take up residence in the house.

Up till the 1970s the Vice Presidents maintained at their residence but the expense of providing and securing a different residence, some far from Washington became expensive, so the house was restored to its former glory to serve as the Vice Presidents home while serving.

Today on the house grounds the observatory is still in use and serving a person to monitor the moons, stars, and sun.

Wiki article here.

(America’s Castle and Treasures endorse Obama and Biden)


August 26, 2008

Ten in Tennessee, History under attack by insufficient funds!

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James Brown House, Hamilton County

The 2008 Ten in Tennessee list was announced at a press conference on Friday, May 30 at 11 AM at the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville.

The Tennessee Preservation Trust annually seeks nominations from the public for the “Ten in Tennessee,” a roster of some of the state’s most endangered historic sites.  Begun in 2001, this successful program highlights ten endangered places across the state to help garner support for saving threatened historic resources.  
Of the sites listed since the program began, only three have been lost.”

Only three historic treasures lost since this report was started but that is three too many.

Rosa Parks Statue, Paris

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There is one city in the world that stands out as not only the capital of its country but as an important international capital.  Paris is full of inspiring statues and in July 2006 they added 2 new statues to the city,  revealing a statue to Thomas Jefferson and to Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks is considered one of the most amazing women of modern history, for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on the bus drivers order.  Looking back on this situation would it not have been nice for the white man to stand up for Ms. Parks.

To Learn More about Ms Parks click here.

Hats off to Paris for an incredible statue.

August 25, 2008

America’s Universities, top ranked universities in the world

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America’s Universities

I just finished reading an article today about Universities ranking world wide and out of the top 100, the first 25 was universities from the USA. Goes without saying most of the one hundred was American Universities.  

The UT symbol above is from University of Tennessee.  The school that I attended was half an hour away from UT and much smaller. I did take clinical training at the University of Tennessee Hospital.  

So hats off to the education system in the USA and for those who think it is not affordable.  I do agree in some aspect but if you come from a poor family, pell grants will cover the cost for a local school and start you on the right path.  

To see the rankings click here.

I do hold on to the hope that we never lose this ranking and we never lose anyone with the desire to attend.

August 19, 2008

Crater of Diamonds, Arkansas

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Craters of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas

There are just some things that is uniquely American. (somethings we like to claim and some we would like to hide from public view)  The Crater of Diamonds is truly a gem in this world.  This is a very unique state park that has a various history as once a private owned Diamond Mine. Now it is available to all the public to search for the lost treasures that was brought from the center of the earth millions of years ago. (yes, there is very recent finds here) 

The park does not just stop with searching for Diamonds as there is campgrounds, swimming pools, and other things to do.

So bring a shovel and search for a treasure.

Visit there website, Click here

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