August 14, 2008

Russell Cave, Alabama

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Bridgeport, Alabama

To find pre-colonial america and to to find pre-historic america, you usually do not have to look far as the details are in every state of the union.  There are some very old history hidden in caves and the writings/artifacts tell us a story long before we could imagine.  

10,000 years of history from 6500 BC to 1650 AD is to be told at this cave.  

Every year there is a Native American Festival in this area and also Park Rangers give demonstrations of pre-historic tools. 

With history like this, it gives a entire different meaning to the term; Old South.



  1. Anajo said,

    Hi Kendal!

    I’ve been so absorbed in the beauty of France that I have missed out on the beauty of my own country. Thanks to you, I am discovering the beauty and mystery of states that I know little to nothing about. Every vacation that I take is in France. Maybe I should take a vacation right here in my own country. 😉

    Perhaps I should check out Alabama.

    Every state and every country has a myriad of aspects which are unknown to most people.

  2. Kendal said,


    Oh, I do agree… Sometimes I was so fascinated with Mexico and Central America…. I almost did not see many things in the states. I then set out to find things that was already around me.

    Alabama is lovely but Georgia holds many wonderful things. Savannha, GA.. Will always be my true love..

    A town square with a large square and a beautiful fountain. Streets near the river with stone pavements. Little barrier islands near by with all the charm of time gone by. Old mansions, Moss dripping from the trees…….and etc…

    On the same subject as you…
    The more research that I am doing, I am starting to fall in love with NM. I find myself holding post back on a couple of places there, as if I am waiting to discover them first…LOL.

    Santa Fe is calling me there… One day I must answer… Chill a beer for me.

  3. Joke said,

    We are all the same. We spend time and money visiting ruins of little interest in a remote land but we have never visited a castle, a musueum, a place of outstanding beauty within an hour’s drive from where we live.
    Mind! I am not saying that there is no interest whatsoever at going places but one should, I think, be more sensible.

  4. Anajo said,

    Hi Joke,

    As concerns places within an hour’s drive, I know those places quite well. I love New Mexico. It’s just that Alabama and other states are so far far away. The U.S. is a huge country.. 😉

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