September 29, 2008

US Navy Statue, France

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SAINTE-MARIE-DU-MONT, France,I came across this little piece of America History abroad while reading the daily news.  France is an amazing place for statues and the statues displaying their history is taken with the utmost pride.

 “The U.S. Navy was honored Saturday for its key role in the massive amphibious wartime invasion that helped propel the Allies to victory in World War II.

The statue, with the figures crouching or standing around one another, is meant to portray three phases of the landings: the planning, the launch and the follow-up. One figure holds a mortar shell like those fired during the invasion.

Hundreds of uniformed American sailors and French well-wishers — as well as a few Navy veterans of the war — joined U.S. and French officials on Utah Beach for the inauguration of Normandy’s first monument honoring the sacrifices of U.S. sailors in the conflict againstNazi Germany.”

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September 28, 2008

Boston Light, Oldest known site of a light house.

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Boston Light, Little Brewster Island

I have always loved lighthouses and noticed that I have never done a post about one of the greatest symbols of America’s Coast.  There was no better place to start on this course than the Boston coast, since it is one of the oldest harbors in the USA and where the famous tea party was held.  Here, Here, the largest tea party in the world. 

Boston Light, also known as Boston Harbor Light, is a lighthouse located on Little Brewster Island in outer Boston Harbor,Massachusetts. The first lighthouse to be built on the site dates back to 1716, and was the first lighthouse to be built in what is now theUnited States. The current lighthouse dates from 1783, is the second oldest working lighthouse in the US (after Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey), and is the only lighthouse to still be actively staffed by theUnited States Coast Guard. The structure was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964, and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.”  (wikipedia)

September 11, 2008

In Memory of the Victims of 9/11

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In Memory of the innocent victims of 9/11.

As this post is very short, it is on purpose because sometimes you should remember the victims and nothing more.


Any sarcastic remark, conspiracy theories, pointing of blame or praising will be promptly removed.  (this is about the victims and nothing more)

September 3, 2008

US Capital Building, Washington D.C.

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US Capital Building Washington D.C.

Constructed in the late 1700s the capital building is one the most well known pieces of Architecture in the USA.  Seems it is on the front of at least one school book a child will experience. During the war of 1812 the capital building was set fire to by the British and had to be reconstructed.  Along the way the Capital Building has had many renovations and expansions.  It currently is in use by the US government.  The Capital building is open for tours to visitors on first come/first served basis.

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The United States Capitol is among the most symbolically important and architecturally impressive buildings in the nation. It has housed the meeting chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate for two centuries. The Capitol, which was started in 1793, has been through many construction phases. It stands today as a monument to the American people and their governmen