September 29, 2008

US Navy Statue, France

Posted in USA History Abroad tagged , , , , , , at 7:50 am by Kendal

SAINTE-MARIE-DU-MONT, France,I came across this little piece of America History abroad while reading the daily news.  France is an amazing place for statues and the statues displaying their history is taken with the utmost pride.

 “The U.S. Navy was honored Saturday for its key role in the massive amphibious wartime invasion that helped propel the Allies to victory in World War II.

The statue, with the figures crouching or standing around one another, is meant to portray three phases of the landings: the planning, the launch and the follow-up. One figure holds a mortar shell like those fired during the invasion.

Hundreds of uniformed American sailors and French well-wishers — as well as a few Navy veterans of the war — joined U.S. and French officials on Utah Beach for the inauguration of Normandy’s first monument honoring the sacrifices of U.S. sailors in the conflict againstNazi Germany.”

(To Read Complete news Story)


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