December 30, 2008

New Year

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th_newyears New Year’s Eve is celebrated throughout the USA. There are many tradions associated with New Years such as making changes in your life for the following year (new year’s resolution)

New Year’s Eve is much celebrated usually by events, parties, firework displays or a special clock in the city. It is also when you will see most champagne drunk in America. (as this is one event that is usually reserved for Champagne)

New Years Day is usually for some, some sort of special cusisine that would bring fortune and good health for the next year.


Christmas, December 25th

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th_christmas1 Christmas is celebrated on December the 25th in the USA.  It is a holiday that is on the Calander also a bank holiday meaning the banks are closed that day.  The day is usually celebrated by a majority of all Americans in some form or fashion.

Christmas day is usually that gathering of friends and family to feast.  The holiday has a Christian origin due to the day representing the birth of Jesus Christ.