March 30, 2009

Cedar Point

Posted in Amusement Parks at 9:49 pm by Kendal

910200811051cedar_point-entrance7301 Next to Sandusky, Ohio is one of the eldest Amusements Park in the world.  One that is known for its awesome roller coasters and fun atmosphere.  Amusement Parks are very much part of the American Culture and Cedar Point is one of the longest running ones in operation.  

Cedar Point amusement park looks as amazing from the air as it does from ground level. The amusement park is built at the far end of a peninsular which juts out into Lake Erie, next to the town of SanduskyOhio [which is 60 miles from Clevelandand is where Marilyn Monroe’s character of Sugar in “Some Like it Hot” hailed from].


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  1. lauren said,

    I love love love Cedarpoint…it is the BEST amusement park EVER!! so those of you who have not been to Cedarpoint, you should DEFINETELY go! it gives you 68 awesome rides, and the best is the TOP THRILL DRAGSTER! it goes 120 mph up 420 ft! that is incredible:) so please take the time to head over to Cedarpoint please<3<3<3

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