March 31, 2009

America’s Farming

Posted in USA pride at 4:12 pm by Kendal

corn1 The USA has one of the largest land masses for farming. Within the farming regions of the USA there has many crops produced such as corn, soybeans, many other vegetables and many fruits.  There are also specialty products produced such as barley for beer, grain for liquors and many award winning wines.

Also it ranks one the lowest users of pesticide use in the world.  There is also much land used for organic farming and organic farming is gaining ground each and every year.

With a diverse climate in the USA it lends itself to much production of different crops, naturally. Also with its diverse climate it means that there are many summer crops that is produced in some regions that can be produced in winter in other regions.

The USA ranks number 4 in cropland for organic farming and there are others that rank higher per capita; so there is still room for improvement with farming techniques but it improves yearly.  

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