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A Castle that was only trapped in my imagination

I am a writer of some great little books and I love the great history of the World. 

 I want this blog to be dedicated to the education of some of the greatest castles that are often overlooked, America’s Castle.  With a patchwork landscape of natives, former roayalty, colonies and new immigrants; we truly have some great architecture hidden amongst our landscapes.

 All Castles displayed will be followed with contact information.  Together, we will discover the last royal family of the USA and the palace they inhabited.  This will be a unique and worth while experience.  We will go deep past colonial history to our roots.

While doing this blog.  I will follow the general rule of the sites must be viewable in some form.  They can be government or private and with some sense of history about them. 

If you have any places for me to reasearch, just post me a message here.

 Thank You and enjoy the site dedicated to you!



  1. okjimm said,

    Wowsers….and stuff…I keep forgetting to send this to you….I am not sure what your fascination is with ‘America’s Castles’ is, but there is one where I live….


    The info on the internet is sparse…The place was built by the heir to one of Wisconsin’s lumber Barons….the web info doesn’t get into half of it. the furnishing inside knock your socks off…Tiffany lamps, Belter furniture…and the gardens are great. Hope you like it. Hey, any friend of Jo Ann’s and Mary Ellen’s is a friend of mine!

    Keep on having a good time!


  2. Kendal said,

    Thank You Okjimm,

    This is one that i will display in the near future. Sometime in november.

    The reason that I created the blog was to display some America’s History all on one site and that can be accessed by links. It is so difficult for people to find a website that puts everything in one place. I will have my work cut out for me for many years.

    As of now, I am not recieving many comments but getting about 30 hits on the site a day. The traffic is increasing everyday, I am pleased with this doing this.

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