November 12, 2009

Ocala, Silver Springs Florida

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PICT0102 There is few places left that are naturally nice but central florida is one one of them.  It is a hidden treasure away from the beach seen.  The city of Ocala has many historic features, musems, hotels and night life to keep anyone entertained.  It still hosts the charm of a small town but hides many great theaters and dining.  Ocala  is one truly, tradional, beautiful florida city to visit.

On the outskirts is a park called silver springs that is much fun with its glass bottom boats and water so pure you can see the bottom of the river.  There is also Ocala national forest that is too good to pass up.  You can see many cracker old florida homesteads, alligators, monkeys, tropical plants; and etc to make you loose track of time.

After falling in love with central florida… I now consider this my part time residence and where my writers cottage is.


April 14, 2008

Whaley House

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San Diego, California

Whaley House

When we think of San Diego California we usually do not think about the the history; due to thinking of the sun but with a city such as San Diego we should not miss the profound history stored inside the city.  The Whaley House by SOHO is one good example of American Architecture but also has a ghostly past haunting it within.  With a history from residence, court room, general store and even a polling place, one could only imagine why it would also have a ghostly past!

There are some human beings who are dimly aware of their own deaths, yet have chosen to stay on in what used to be their homes, to be close to surroundings they once held dear. –Hans Holzer


October 31, 2007

Franklin Castle, America’s Castle Part 14

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A Haunted Castle in Cleveland… because all great castles have their ghost.

(Happy Halloween)

Franklin Castle has seen a varied history and is said to be haunted to this very date. With a sorted past such as Franklin’s Castle but with the beauty it possess it is truly a landmark piece. One fine piece of architecture that I truly hope will be around for a long time.

‘’Franklin Castle is a historical house on Cleveland’s west side. The building has four stories and more than twenty rooms. It is purported to be the most haunted house in Ohio. [1]’’ ( ) 

There is mixed stories of its current status and this in the only website that I can find that offers tours. (anyone that would like to add information is welcome to do so)

Haunted Cleveland Tours

(these tours are sold out for 2007 but booking for 2008)

October 25, 2007

Winchester Mystery House, Historical Site

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The Most unique home in the world displays itself in San Jose, CA

A home so grand and unique deserves its space on this site. With a haunting history such as the Winchester house it is a must see for anyone.

It is open for tours.

Circa 1800s

Visit their website