March 4, 2010

Marriage equality, Washington DC, 03-03-10

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Washington DC is set to make history starting to issue      marriage license to all couples who apply.

”(WASHINGTON)  The Supreme Court on  Tuesday refused to stop the District of  Columbia’s gay marriage law, freeing the city to issue its first marriage licenses to same-sex couples the following day.”

Below from

State(s) which previously granted same-sex marriage licenses:

States which recognize same-sex marriage but do not grant same-sex marriage licenses:


April 1, 2009

Marriage is an equal right in some states

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icanfightformycountry-supportgaymrrTommorrow Vermont votes on gay marriage.  This could be the second state in the Union to allow gay marriage; as California is in limo on the issue.

The state of allowing same sex people marry is a cross roads and much of it is left in state hands.

America’s Castles and Other Treasures supports equal rights for all Americans.  This blog believes in total equality.

February 1, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama II

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948c8f77ab5eb4a4 Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America.  President Obama received the title on Jan 20th 2009.

As we have had other presidents in the past, this would not usually be news, except that he is a minority.

I feel this reveals a majority of Americans no longer look at skin tone but character.

August 25, 2008

America’s Universities, top ranked universities in the world

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America’s Universities

I just finished reading an article today about Universities ranking world wide and out of the top 100, the first 25 was universities from the USA. Goes without saying most of the one hundred was American Universities.  

The UT symbol above is from University of Tennessee.  The school that I attended was half an hour away from UT and much smaller. I did take clinical training at the University of Tennessee Hospital.  

So hats off to the education system in the USA and for those who think it is not affordable.  I do agree in some aspect but if you come from a poor family, pell grants will cover the cost for a local school and start you on the right path.  

To see the rankings click here.

I do hold on to the hope that we never lose this ranking and we never lose anyone with the desire to attend.

June 28, 2008

When a five can become a ten!

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Uniform Money, USA

I was just reading through the news and articles that change American history in some form always catch my attention.  This article is worth a mention on America’s Castles as it will eventually change a long time tradition of what we perceive of America Currency.  I am not speaking of the little bit of color they added to it or it quick decline on the world market.  What I am speaking of is a story that goes back to my child hood. The shape of money.

I recall when I was a child seeing a blind man (i was 9 years old), attempting to count money at a convenience story.  He handed a clerk a 10 thinking it was a five and informed the clerk it was a five.  The clerk began to count the money back as a five and then looked down and advised the guy it was a ten and gave him another five in change.  Thankfully an honest clerk intervened but this left a very marked impression on me at such the age of 9.  It showed me at a young age people with sight problems could have difficulty with money.

I went through most of my life wondering why money had to be the same shape.  As I began traveling I realized currency in different parts of the world was different; bright colors, different shapes, different texture, raised letters. This brought me back to the question of those who had difficulty with money, why could we not have this.

After a recent court ruling, American money might not only have color but also have different shape.  (different sizes for each amount)

Read the full story here

So when you see new money in a couple of years, just remember you are part of America history in the making.

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