July 12, 2008

Amtrak, USA

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Amtrak, USA


Amtrak is the most extensive train network in the USA, it can take you to the point where you can take a great hound (bus service) and this can just about get you to any part of America. Excluding the very rural areas, and yes there are many untouched places that still exist in the USA.


To find out more about Amtrak..




The ride is an adventure within itself especially when you have a window seat.


June 28, 2008

Greyhound, USA

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Greyhound, USA

With over 2300 stops and serving most parts of America (except for the very rural spaces), it has been an American Icon for almost 100 years.  When I often traveled about the USA, I usually did it from a Greyhound.  I found the service timely, cheap, air-conditioned and the buses has large windows so you can take in the landscape as you travel. As with all things, I have heard horror stories with greyhound and had my few odd experiences but nothing daunting that would stop me from using the grey hound again.  

This is one of the best ways to get around America when you are not on the Amtrak line.  So hats off to greyhound for full filling the void of public transport where there would not be any without them.  

They deserved a place on this blog due to there long history in service and transporting people about to different parts of America. For those that are not familiar with a good way to get to another destination cheaply; I provide a link to the website