August 25, 2008

America’s Universities, top ranked universities in the world

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America’s Universities

I just finished reading an article today about Universities ranking world wide and out of the top 100, the first 25 was universities from the USA. Goes without saying most of the one hundred was American Universities.  

The UT symbol above is from University of Tennessee.  The school that I attended was half an hour away from UT and much smaller. I did take clinical training at the University of Tennessee Hospital.  

So hats off to the education system in the USA and for those who think it is not affordable.  I do agree in some aspect but if you come from a poor family, pell grants will cover the cost for a local school and start you on the right path.  

To see the rankings click here.

I do hold on to the hope that we never lose this ranking and we never lose anyone with the desire to attend.